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The Top 10 Artists from India You Should Know About

The world of art is often painted as elitist and inaccessible to everyone. However, that is a myth that deserves to be debunked.

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MF Hussain

Fatwa or no, whatever might be the controversy associated with MF Hussain..

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The Top 10 Artists from India You Should Know About

The world of art is often painted as elitist and inaccessible to everyone. However, that is a myth that deserves to be debunked. There is a simple enough reason for this – art is not about rich people, it is about someone expressing themselves on canvas and finding an audience that will understand what they are trying to convey.

More often than not, art is an interpretation of life around us. Which is why it isn’t a straightforward painting of images (like landscapes), but is abstract and conceptual. The reason this is done is to give people a deeper understanding of the world we live in. Life as we know it is not simple and straightforward. There are many times that we think about and feel things that can’t be constructed in simple terms. Art, especially, abstract art is a reflection of this.

India with its rich culture and centuries old traditions and art forms is a hub for beautiful art. Its artists create canvasses that are modern but are rooted in the rich artisitic traditions of the country. Let’s look at some of the most famous artists of India:

  1. MF Hussain – a list without this name would be incomplete. Fatwa or no, whatever might be the controversy associated with MF Hussain, he was one of the most revered artists and creator of images that have embedded themselves into popular culture. The title “Picasso of India” was not given in vain, for more details call T mobile contact details.
  2. Syed Haider Raza – another best-selling painter, Raza is known for his vivid and highly artistic images. His work focused on Indian philosophy. His painting “Saurahstra” sold for a mammoth sum of Rs16 crore in 2010 making this the most expensive piece of Indian art ever sold!
  3. Francis Newton Souza – As is the case with most artists, Souza’s most prolific era was after he died in 2002. His paintings have been sold at Christie’s and for huge sums of money. He is known to be the first crossover painter in the country. The primary focus of his work was on the darker and depressing side of our country and society. The highest sum his painting sold for was 3 crore.
  4. Tyeb Mehta – Tyeb Mehta is another name known for taking India to the global stage in terms of art. He died in 2009, however his work was quite in vogue selling for almost Rs14 crore. The first of his paintings to cross the crore mark was his painting titled “Celebration” which sold for Rs1.5 crore back in 2002.
  5. Arpita Singh – despite the list that reads like an all-boys club, women artists have also made a mark in this world. Her work focuses on the every day lives of the average Indian woman. One of the most significant aspects of her work is the use of bright colours and tapestries to weave her stories. A best-selling painter, her work sells for huge sums of money. Her critically acclaimed Wish Dreams painting sold for a whopping Rs9.5 crore.
  6. Ganesh Pyne – As someone who grew up around riots and the rise of the naxal movement, Ganesh Pyne’s art reflects death, devastation and the decay of society. Among his most popular works are “The Assassin” and “Before the Chariot”.
  7. Vasudeo S Gaintoda – Gaintoda is a highly acclaimed painter and is known the world over for this experimental streak. His work delves deep into the form as well as color and derives its inspiration from life and its myriad meanings. The intricate use of shades and colours highlights the artist’s meditative mind. His paintings have sold for Rs6 crore and above.
  8. Subodh Gupta – a more modern artist in this list is Subodh Gupta. He uses multimedia forms to express his art. Everything from photography to sculpture to videos amalgamate to make something truly unique and wonderful. His paintings have more of an ethnic touch to them. His work has breached the Rs1crore mark regularly.
  9. Jitish Kallat – A true experimental artist, Jitish Kallat works in the selfie format. In the art world, it is better known as a self-portrait. His unique styling of his portraits give his paintings an edgy feel.
  10. Chitra Ganesh – the second woman artist on this list, Chitra Ganesh’s work also focuses on women, sexuality, and power. She works in multiple mediums and is known for her striking imagery.